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The 1945 postcard page has now been split into four separate pages as it was beginning to get unwieldy. All 1945 Official postcards are now on this page. Official postcards are cards that were issued by the Reich's post office, had pre-printed (indicia) stamps and were widely available throughout German towns and cities.

Secondly Printed to Private Order postcards are postcards that were generally issued by entities that were advertising an event or commemorating an anniversary, and also had pre-printed stamps, but were not widely available throughout Germany (most were only available at the event they were commemorating).

Thirdly Other postcards are postcards that fall into the same general category as printed to private order however they do not have pre-printed stamps.

Finally, Miscellaneous postcards is where you will find postcards that do not fit into the first three categories (i.e. they are not official, they do not have pre-printed stamps, and they do not commemorate an event).



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