Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester.

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Today is August 26, 2019

My Australian Stamps - 1945

Royal Visit - 1945.

Designed & engraved by Frank Manley, this series of 3 stamps depict the head & shoulders of Prince Henry, the Duke of Gloucester & his wife, Lady Alice, HRH the Duchess Of Gloucester, in military uniform. Released on 19th Feb 1945 they celebrate the inauguration of the Duke as the 11th Australian Governor General, a post he held from Jan 1945 until his return to England in Mar 1947.

SG209 - 2 1/2d, Red.
Mine are Mint and used.
SG210 - 3 1/2d, Blue.
Mine are Mint and used.
SG211 - 5 1/2d, Grey.
Mine are Mint and used.