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Today is October 22, 2019

St. Lucia Stamps - 1938 King George VI

SG128a: 1/2d, Green.
SG129a: 1d, Violet.
SG129c: 1d, Red.
SG130: 1 1/2d, Red.
SG131a: 2d, Grey.
SG132: 2 1/2d, Blue.
SG132a: 2 1/2d, Violet.
SG133a: 3d, Orange.
SG133b: 3 1/2d, Blue.
SG134b: 6d, Red.
SG134c: 8d, Brown.
SG135a: 1/-, Brown.
SG136: 2/-, Blue and Purple.
SG136a: 3/-, Purple.
SG137: 5/-, Black and Mauve.
SG138: 10/-, Black and Yellow.
SG141: 1, Sepia.