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Today is January 21, 2020

Straits Settlements Stamp Collection - 2017

The Straits Settlements were a group of British territories located in Southeast Asia. Originally established in 1826 as part of the territories controlled by the British East India Company, the Straits Settlements came under direct British control as a Crown colony on 1 April 1867. The colony was dissolved in 1946 as part of the British reorganisation of its Southeast Asian dependencies following the end of the Second World War.
The Straits Settlements originally consisted of the four individual settlements of Malacca, Dinding, Penang and Singapore. The Penang territory included Penang Island, formerly known as Prince of Wales Island, and Seberang Perai on the mainland, formerly known as Province Wellesley. Most of the territories now form part of Malaysia, from which Singapore separated in 1965.