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The Reich's Party Convention Rally or Nuremberg Rally, as it is better known in English, was the annual celebration and propaganda show piece for the Nazi Party and was held every year from 1923 to 1938 (exclusively in Nuremberg from 1927). Nuremberg was situated at the centre of the Reich where the Nazi base was strong and the local organiser, Julius Streicher had strong connections to the local Franconian police force who were sympathetic to the Nazi cause.


(3rd/4th Jul 1926)

After a two year break the second Nazi Party Rally was held in the city of Weimar, the home of the Weimar Republic Government, on 3rd and 4th Jul 1926

At with the first Nazi Party rally, three years earlier, this rally was not about political debate or policy decisions, it was about propaganda and mass appeal to the German people. Among the highlights of this rally was the introduction of the "Blood flag" ritual. This ritual saw the flag used during the ill-fated 1923 Munich Putsch, allegedly stained with the blood of fallen Nazi's, being used to consecrate the flags of the various Nazi organisations.

In addition this rally also saw the founding of the Hitler Youth organisation.

During the evening an estimated 7,000 uniformed SA and SS troops marched through the city in a show of strength. Marching by massed members of the various Nazi organisations became a common theme at later rallies.



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